To provide space for creative and artistic responses to environmental injustices, we’ve showcased the talent of 4 young local artists. These artists use storytelling, photography, and cinematography to imagine relevant and accessible solutions to environmental, climate, and racial justice.

Paul Wilson, Video – “Rios to Rivers”: Paul is a photographer and cinematographer who uses storytelling to document the sovereignty of Tribal Nations and water stewardship.

Naily Nevarez, Video – “Homero Gomez Gonzalez”: Naily is a multi-disciplinary artist whose videos, animations and website design use storytelling as a tool to build empathy for the lived experience of marginalized communities.

Grace Burks, Poem – “from they who voicelessly screams.”: Grace, a poet and Honors Undergraduate at Oregon State University, will make attendees consider the future of mother earth and those who depend on it.

AWW, Poem – “Howling”: A.W.W., a young, non-binary individual will read “howling”, a written piece that challenges violent narratives through creative works, poetry, and performance art.