Historical Intersections of Race, Economy, and Environment in Oregon

Experts in Oregon’s social and racial history, discuss historical intersections of race, economy, and environment in Oregon. The panelists framed how past injustices impact Oregon’s current environmental policy and what we must do to confront a pattern of injustice in our state.




David Harrelson: David is the Cultural Resources Department Manager and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer – Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde


Gwendolyn Trice: Gwendolyn is the Founder and Executive Director of the Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center. Gwen is a descendant of black families who moved to Eastern Oregon to join logging crews and contribute to Oregon’s timber economy. Gwen served on the Oregon State Advocacy Commission of Black Affairs for 5 years, and currently serves on the State Historic Preservation Committee.


Ramon Ramirez: Ramon is a Taconic Fellow of the Washington D.C based organization, Community Change; Founding member and former president of PCUN, Oregon Farmworkers Union. Ramon has provided strong leadership for Oregon’s Latinx community and has mentored new generations of young leaders for decades.


Linda Tamura: Linda is an author and Professor Emerita of Education at Willamette University and a co-editor-in-chief of The Oregon Encyclopedia. Linda is a descendant of Japanese families who moved to the Hood River Valley to farm and contribute to Oregon’s agricultural sector.


Moderated by Laura Pulido, Professor and Department Head, University of Oregon Department of Ethnic Studies

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